No binging today.

I ate dinner

which i didn’t count the calories for

so i’m done eating for today.

I’ll fill myself up with water a ton i guess. 

glad i’m back on track :]

Dear fat, get the fuck off me you are not wanted.

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at least* 30 pounds off would do me some good

yeah. definitely 30 pounds to lose.

13846) I’ve heard of “fatorexia” - being obese whilst believing yourself to be slim - and I often worry if I have this. I mean, I absolutely loathe my body and I know that I’m fat but then I see photos and realise that I’m even worse than I thought. The mirror is subjective but photos are objective; this is supposed to be the truth. I start to feel good about myself and then see the photos and realise that I have a LOT more weight to lose.

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Since i’ve been trying to eat normally for the past 3 months

& i haven’t been calorie counting

i’ll start counting calories again when school starts up on Monday

I’ll start at a 500 calorie limit and gradually go down from there!

I’m backkk.

As my new years resolution i want to be a skinny minnyyy so i’m using this blog again to keep me in order!